Collective digest — 2022

By avatar J. Ryan Stinnett

2022 wobbled it’s way through some version of normality, with a bit more energy than recent years, but there’s still a lot going wrong as well… Let’s jump into this 2022 digest of collective activity and reflect on our conversations over the past year.


In 2022, we added 1 more work to our catalog, bringing the total to 26 items. There are 45 further suggestions waiting for curation.

The new addition to the catalog is:

It’s fairly clear now that the current catalog process is too heavyweight. I hope we can move to a lighter workflow in the future that feels more like editing a wiki.


Twitter’s descent rapidly escalated this year. Many community members moved to Mastodon. A collective Mastodon account now exists, so please do follow along there. The contributors section also lists Mastodon accounts for those that have them.


Our Matrix room has continued to be the most active communication medium used by the community.

Here’s a summary of interesting conversation topics from our room in 2022:

There continues to be interest in adding a long form communication medium (such as a Discourse forum). I’m hopeful we’ll have some time to arrange this in the new year.

Looking ahead

I hope we’ll continue to have insightful conversations as a community. I know I’ve learned quite a few new things as part of our discussions, and I hope others have as well.

As always, please do contact us if there’s something you’d like to share with the collective.

We welcome your feedback by email.
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