Collective digest — 2021

By avatar J. Ryan Stinnett

2021 is drawing to close… I think many of us were hoping it would be a better year than 2020, but sadly it did not play out that way as the pandemic continues to rage. As with last year, let’s jump into this 2021 digest of collective activity and try to forget the general madness of the world for at least a few moments.


In 2021, we added 6 more works to our catalog, bringing the total to 25 items. There are 42 further suggestions waiting for curation. The queue does seem to be growing faster than the actual catalog, so perhaps some workflow improvements could make catalog curation as easy as opening an issue.

The new additions to the catalog include:


This year, quite a few people have contributed their time and effort to help out with various tasks around the community, and we needed a good way to recognise their efforts. A contributors section has been added to the home page which attempts to highlight various different kinds of contribution in our community.

Thanks to everyone involved for their contributions! 🎉


Our Matrix room has continued to be the most active communication medium used by the community.

Here’s a “sampling” (actually quite a long list 😅) of interesting conversation topics from our room in 2021:

There was some interest in potentially adding a long form communication medium (such as a Discourse forum). If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to comment / react on the issue tracking this suggestion.

A recurring topic throughout the year was all the various podcasts which overlap in one way or another with our goals. If you enjoy podcasts, please do check them out.

Looking ahead

As we all tumble into another uncertain year, we hope that despite the general chaos of life lately, there will still be room for malleable experiments that push the boundaries of what’s possible and open new doors.

Stay safe out there, and as always, please do contact us if there’s something you’d like to share with the collective.

We welcome your feedback by email.
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