By avatar J. Ryan Stinnett

Welcome to the Malleable Systems Collective, a community space for those interested in redefining our relationship with software by dismantling the boundaries of contemporary applications.

If you haven’t already, read through the collective’s mission to get an idea of the revolution we’re working towards. While we believe this mission is achievable, it will likely take many years and the work of many people to achieve. Quite a few of the ideas that our mission is built around have been percolating for decades already.

It’s our hope that the collective can become a long-term home for people, projects, and ideas fighting to make this mission a reality.

We’re planning to share a variety of content on this blog, including:

  • Summaries of papers and projects in the community
  • Reports of experiments in progress
  • Essays on what malleable software should be and how we can get there

Along with the blog, we’ve also started a catalog of projects, people, discussions, and other efforts in this field. We hope it can grow to become a comprehensive list of resources for the community.

If you’d like to add your own voice, please get in touch. There are many hard problems ahead of us, but I believe we can achieve great things by exploring solutions together. The collective is happy to have contributions of all kinds in whatever state of completion you’re comfortable with sharing, ranging from random thoughts you had in the shower through to peer-reviewed research publications. We aspire to “work with the garage door up” and believe it’s best to share ideas and experiments with the community early on in the process.

We hope you’ll join the fight to save us all from digital serfdom.

We welcome your feedback by email.